SIA “DV Pellet” is certified Latvian comany founded in the year 2017 located at Sumbru iela 167, Garciems, Carnikavas pag., Ādažu nov., LV-2163 . SIA “DV Pellet” is a supplier of high-quality  wood products, such as wood pellets, Epal wooden pallets, Firewood , Charcoal , Briquette , Wood Chips, Sawdust , Wood Shaving , Wood Lumber , Wood Logs  from Latvia. 

Our wood products are made from: Oak, Birch, Beech, Ash, Hornbeam, Pine And Spruce.

Our deliveries are fast and efficient, covering 27 European countries. Since 2017 we have been a trusted and long-term wood products supplier for our biggest customers in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Denmark,Poland, Norway, switzerland , United Kingdom and Italy. All Power Wood products are made and packed in Latvia.

Every year, we hold a pre-peak season delivery meeting to make sure we’re equipped to make our customers happy. It’s great to get everyone together in one place, but even better to go over the whole delivery process as a team. In order to make your orders. home delivery as smooth as possible – we thought it’d be helpful to share an overall guide.

The more information you provide, the better. Does your road have heavy construction going on? Is your driveway hard to find? Does your address not come up on GPS? If our drivers know ahead of time what to be prepared for, we can better serve you. It’s better to be up front about any tricky circumstances especially, so the delivery team can do all that’s possible to find a solution ahead of time.